The Mad Attic (Thrift Shop) was one of the original outreach programs (1960) undertaken by a young St. Patrick's Episcopal Church.  The original store was located in an old machine shop on the corner of Hillcrest and Conejo School Road.
 Orig Mad Attic  
"The floor was dirt and it smelled like oil, but for 27 years the $75-a-month rent never went up," recalls Bernie Honey.  The store is now located at 226 (A) Skyline Drive, in what looks like a house turned into a small shopping center, with a couple of small businesses in the adjoining spaces.  It has sold everything from clothes to furniture and used to provide pick-up services, but now focuses on clothing and small household articles.  It is staffed by volunteers, mostly from St. Patrick's.

Hours areTuesday to Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM