Inspired, Encouraged, Concerned? 

Inspired by today's service?
Have a question about today's message?
Have an idea or concern to share? Discover something special during your week?

If so, you can contact Fr. George Daisa  fr-george-daisa

by leaving a message with the church office at 805.495.6441

Church on Monday?

St. Pat's does church every Monday morning at Oakview Assisted Living at 10:00 AM.  Join us and meet some new friends, or come and see if you want to help with the service.  

You will not find more appreciation anywhere, and if you ask, maybe Jan Lyons will bring out her tambourine!  

See Jan Lyons  Jan Lyons 

or call the church office at 805.495.6441  

Join the "Baking Ministry"

Baking a batch of baked goods?  Buying some for yourself?  Bake or buy some extra and bring them into church.  St. Pat's shares them with firefighters, first responders and other community servants in the Conejo Valley.  Our first responders and community servants are affirmed and encouraged, and St. Pat's gets its name and good reputation out into the community.  Drop off items in the church office or mark them and leave them in the kitchen.  

For details call the church office 805.495.6441


St. Patrick's always needs volunteers.  There are almost endless ways you can help - as an ongoing commitment or as a limited effort.  If you see a need, you can even invent your own calling.   

For details, call the church office 805.495.6441