According to, the vestry of an Episcopal Church is a committee elected by members of a congregation to serve with the church wardens in managing the temporal affairs of the church.

At St. Patrick's, open vestry positions are elected annually for a term of 3 years.  The positions start on a rotating schedule so that each year there will be some new people elected to the vestry.  Vestry members serve on multiple committees dealing with varying church issues.  They attend one or more meetings per month as well as individual efforts as their time permits.


Anna Merriman  

Senior Warden:   Anna Merriman

Drawing Junior Warden:  Debbie McDonald


Paul Teagle (2)  

Treasurer:  Paul Teagle 

Other Current Vestry Members

Drawing Mike Eaton
Drawing  Lisa Hempy
Drawing Jack Shafer
Drawing Jodi Spindel
Drawing  Cindy Weaver
Drawing Travis Tokuyama
Drawing Mark Walters


Altar Guild:  ??

Mad Attic:  ??

Family Ministry:  ??

Facilities:   ??

Worship: ??

Day School:   ??

Delegates to the Diocesan Convention

Bob Bland

Doylene Johnson

Cindy Weaver (Vestry delegate)