The Stained Glass Windows

of St. Patricks Episcopal Church

Two methods of stained glass window making were used for St. Patrick's windows.  

The large Life of Christ and Covenant windows are "faceted glass".  The thick pieces of glass are set in a mixture of epoxy and sand.  This cements them into position and provides both an opaque background for the colors and the required strength.  Our two windows weigh about 600 lbs apiece.  

The smaller windows are the "leaded glass" type we usually associated with stained glass.  The glass in them is more delicate.  The individual pieces are held in place by strips of metal molded to fit them.  This type of window is not as heavy as the faceted and can be used in ordinary window frames.


Church Floor Plan


Map of the church & windows
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The two "faceted glass" windows are located over the two external entrances to the church.  From the altar, the "Life of Christ" window is on the left and the "Covenant" window is on the right.  The glass in these two windows appear rich in color and have an almost 3 dimensional affect.  These two windows are intended to represent both the past and hope for the future

Life of Christ Window

The Life of Christ Window

The Covenant Window

The Covenant Window

The "leaded" or "stained glass" windows are found on the right and left sides of the church as one is seated facing the alter.  To identify them we must turn from the altar and face one of the "faceted glass" windows.  There are four sections telling the story:

Section I: The Acts of the Apostles (on the left as you face the "Life of Christ" window from the alter)

Section II: The Early Church Fathers (on the right as you face the "Life of Christ" window from the alter)

Section III: The Reformation (on the left as you face the "Covenant" window from the alter)

Section IV:  The Episcopal Church in American History (on the right as you face the "Covenant" window from the alter)

Glass colors have two purposes.  First, they are used to "paint" the picture in the window.  Second, they are used as part of the symbolism within the picture.

Blue - heavenly strength and faithfulness.

White - purity, innocence and joy.

Red or Ruby - the blood of life, sacrifice and therefore love.

Green - Holy Trinity, Spring, hope, eternal life.

Yellow - the revealed truth, like the sun breaking through clouds following a storm.

Brown - mundane, earthly.

Purple & Violet - penance or royalty